Short Assets Paint the Town ( Towny) became part of the herd at Dancin’ Donkey Acres in 2010 at the age of 5. He had just recently been gelded. Prior to that we had rented him as a jack. He had never been in a show ring at all. Towny and Jerry formed an immediate bond. He is an eager learner and always strives to please. Some times Jerry says,” Towny is too smart“. He loves snigging and other games that they practice. When he is snigging he really lays over and you would think he should fall over. He has a long list of performance wins, including most recently Adult High Point Champion at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. He also won Reserve High Point Champion at Oklahoma State Fair, as well as Kansas State Fair. He also claimed Overall High Point Champion at the Ozark Empire Fair, Springfield, Missouri. During his show career he has numerous wins in a variety of performance classes. The Dancin’ Donkey Acres show string includes two of his offspring, Ebony Image, a 4 year old gelding, and Rae Rae a 4 year old jennet.

2015 ADA Music City Show

Flying Towny


Short Assets Pole Bending at Music City Show


Presenting the Flag at the Music City Show

Missouri Ozark Empire Fair



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